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The HUB The HUB is the official student and faculty research journal of the College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) of the University of Batangas. The journal annually publishes papers from selected outputs of Capstone Project and Research courses under the college’s Information Technology Education (ITE) program offerings namely BS Computer Sciences, BS Information Technology, BS Information Systems and Bachelor of Library and Information Science. The publication is also home to action research written by the CICT faculty, which seeks to improve of program execution, course delivery, curriculum design and departmental policies. Each volume of the hub encapsulates the passion of both the faculty and students to by discover applications of state-of-the-art technology and inspire and promote innovative start-ups through research

Volume No. Title Issue No Published At
7 The Hub 1 2017/10 View Contents
8 The Hub 1 2018/12 View Contents
2 The Hub 1 2012/10 View Contents
3 The Hub 1 2013/7 View Contents
4 The Hub 1 2014/8 View Contents
5 The Hub 1 2015/7 View Contents
6 The Hub 1 2016/12 View Contents
1 The Hub 1 2012/10 View Contents