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Diyip, the official research journal of University of Batangas Senior highschool reeks of the recalibrated aspirations of the department to be the vehicle of solid competence in research and innovations. It serves as the strong-willed transport of senior high school students to reaching their desired destination — to be research-driven individuals that carry themselves a timeless impact to society and to deliver inspirations to the community.

Volume No. Title Issue No Published At
1 DIYIP 1 2021/06 View Contents
1 DIYIP 2 2021/08 View Contents
2 DIYIP 1 2022/10 View Contents
2 DIYIP 1 2022/10/26 View Contents
2 DIYIP 2 2022/10 View Contents
3 DIYIP 1 2023/11 View Contents